Saturday, September 6, 2008

Full Days


I am glad to say I have not had time to blog over the past few days. Friday was my day with Sandra. We had a wonderful time together: we especially enjoyed the Grafton Street Dinner Theatre. It was hilarious - a very talented group.

Today the whole household headed off to the Nova Scotia International Air Show. Despite the poor weather, the boys got more than their share of airplanes, including the Snowbirds!

Despite moments of melancholy from time to time, I am fully enjoying every single moment of every day.

Thank-you to everyone who has passed along words of encouragement.

Every Blessing.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

William's Day


Today was “William’s Day.” William and I took the afternoon to do whatever he wanted to do. We had a blast! We walked across the MacDonald Bridge, we visited ships at the dockyard (where he had the opportunity to board HMCS Toronto), and we went to the MicMac Mall where he bought a Transformers movie!

William loved walking the bridge. He never stopped talking!

Like Peter, William knows I’m going to ‘Basic Training’ though he has a greater appreciation of the fact that I’m going away for ‘94 sleeps.’ He has promised to take care of Peter and to talk to me every night on the phone.

Every night putting the boys to bed gets a little harder. I’m not sure how I’ll handle Monday night...

Tomorrow is a day for Sandra and I.

Every Blessing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peter's Day


Today was “Peter’s Day.” In preparation to leave for Basic Training, I took the afternoon to spend with Peter, doing whatever he wanted to do. It was a wonderful time. We went to the base, the dockyard (where he was amazed by the ships), Chapters (which he calls ‘the Thomas store’), MicMac Mall, a pet store and Dairy Queen for ice cream!

He knows I’m going to ‘Basic Training’ though he has no concept of what that means. He has promised to take care of William (with Momma’s and Charlotte’s help) and also promised to talk to me every night on the phone.

It’s slowly starting to dawn on me that I will be leaving. The boys are putting the whole thing in perspective, though. They have a very simple concept of time. Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

...or as a bumper sticker I once saw put it, “LIVE LIFE: this is not a dress rehearsal!”

Every Blessing.

Swissair 111


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a memorial service at the Stadacona Chapel to commemorate the 10th anniversary of SwissAir Flight 111. For more information about the crash itself, check out . The service at the base had a specifically ‘Canadian Forces’ theme. I was not fully aware before of the extent of the Forces’ full involvement in that tragic event. Padre Humble shared the memories of two individuals who were intimately involved. All elements of the Forces, Air, Land and Navy were actively involved in the recovery effort - a challenging experience for all, to say the least.

This is a prayer from the service I think we can all take and modify for our own situations...

Loving and compassionate God, out of terrible happenings, you weave wonders of goodness and grace. Hear our prayers for those overcome in the disaster of Swissair 111. Heal the pain of families who remember the loss of loved ones. Strengthen with your presence those emergency and military personnel who continue to suffer. Grant tenderness and wisdom to those who minister to them in their need. In this time of remembrance, may we find hope, and be comforted, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

In memory of all whom we have lost...

Every Blessing.