Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Leader' Heart

Sandra bought me a copy of
John Maxwell's new devotional "A Leader's Heart" for Christmas. I've read a few of Maxwell's books and find him accessible and enjoyable to read.  Most of all, I find his writing inspiring. I feel it is possible to be the type of leader
God has called me to be when reading his stuff.

Now, before anyone gets it into their heads that I've starting to have delusions of grandeur, please know that I believe leadership to be a vital aspect of any ministry, especially ministries of chaplaincy, parenting or priesthood - my current callings. 

I would be glad to be the best dad that I can be most days.

The opening pages of the book have a quote from Isaiah 42 that coincidentally is the OT reading for today. 

I will guide them on paths 
they have never traveled. 
Their road is dark and rough, 
but I will give light 
to keep them from stumbling. 
This is my solemn promise.
     - Isaiah 42:16

Although this promise is aimed specifically at the blind, it is more than appropriate for us as we struggle with leading others. I know that, as a dad, the are many times that I feel as if I am groping blindly trying to find my way through...

But God is there, helping us to stay upright and blaze the way - a way he has already trod.


The Wonders of Technology

I've gone and done it now!  I've joined the iPhone generation. This blog entry was composed on my "Quick Diary" App, using the below image browsed and downloaded using my Safari browser and finally published using my Google App. Most likely, the only reason you're looking at this right now is because you noticed my update on my Facebook page again updated through this new "toy." Fun stuff, hey?

It'll take me a while to figure out if it all worth it or not...but at least it's fun for now!