Friday, August 19, 2011


So, here I am, launching my Blog yet again.  I seem to have been having trouble keeping this thing afloat!

I think the main issue is time. Between work and family, who has time to do ANYTHING extra?  Well, that's a bit of a cop-out. The reality is that if something is important we can make space in our schedules for it, especially with today's technology. I'm typing this up on my iPhone while waiting for a call.

So, why do I think this blog is 'important' and not something that I should drop?  The answer is simple.  You. The Reader. Some of you are my family, some of you are friends, and some of you are strangers who stumbled on the page by accident.

Hi, by the way!

One thing I've learned over the years is that the truly valuable things we do in our lives are always for the sake of others. And although I do not claim to have great or important things to share, You have asked me to keep writing.

And so I will…for You.

The information contained in this Blog is the intellectual property of whoever reads it. If you would like share your opinion on anything contained herein, please email OR pick up the phone and give me an ear-full!!

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