Saturday, December 8, 2007

Memories: Growing Up in Newfoundland

Hi all!

I just finished reading the book, Memories: Growing Up in Newfoundland by Joyce Templeton-Gillett. (ISBN 978-0-9688209-2-6)

Joyce is the youngest daughter of Rev’d Gordon Templeton, Rector of Bay of Islands Parish from 1934 to 1949 - my predecessor 55 by years!

The book contains a semi-continuous collection of memories of Joyce’s ranging from childhood to early adulthood in the Curling and Corner Brook area roughly spanning the period of Rev’d Templeton’s ministry here.

This is a wonderful little book, filled with memorable stories revealing the genuine innocence of the author in her youth, as well as a wonderful mischievous streak.

In addition to offering vignettes into the lives of past residents, her stories gave me some wonderful images of some of my current parishioners in their youth.

A good book any Newfoundlander (especially a Western Newfoundlander) would be delighted to read.

Thank you Joyce.

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