Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Good Response?


I was recently asked my opinion on the Anglican Church’s response to the current problems we are facing.

I’ve been reading with interest the recent communiques from Anglican Church of Canada in response to the events of Donald Harvey’s departure from the Anglican Church of Canada and the Essentials Network meeting in Burlington to create an alternative ‘conservative’ Anglican Church in Canada under the authority of the Province of the Southern Cone.

Here are some points I’d like to repeat and see reaffirmed:

∙ The Church has made every effort to accommodate those who have differing theological views within the current structures of the Anglican Church of Canada, including alternative pastoral care and episcopal oversight where necessary.
∙ The Church has been actively seeking to build the community of believers through open and honest dialogue, maintaining a healthy commitment to the theological diversity which makes up the Anglican mosaic.
∙ Through the use of the St. Michael’s Report, General Synod was able to affirm that differences of opinion concerning the blessing of same-sex unions need not be communion breaking.
∙ The Church has tried to respect the opinions of every member while continually calling us to affirm the ‘essential’ unity of the body of Christ, despite our differences.
∙ The events/actions/decisions of the Essentials meeting in Burlington were therefore, not necessary, inappropriate, unwelcome, and invalid.
∙ In this case, it is clear that this group has split itself from the Anglican Church of Canada, unlawfully claiming jurisdiction in Canada. No one aligned with this group has any authority in the Anglican Church of Canada.
∙ The call for the Church today is to:
∙ Pray for unity.
∙ Continue to show respect for differing opinions.
∙ Move forward in ministry.

Communiques Researched:
Diocese of Toronto - Bishop Colin R. Johnson - November 30, 2007
Diocese of Western Newfoundland - Bishop Percy Coffin - November 20, 2007
Diocese of Niagara - Bishops Ralph Spence and Michael Bird - November 2007
Diocese of New Westminister - Bishop Michael Ingham - November 22, 2007
Council of General Synod - November 17, 2007
Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada - Nov 29, 2007

Any thoughts?

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