Friday, November 23, 2007

Irony of Ironies

Oh, the IRONY!

After this morning’s Blog I had decided to leave the whole ‘church-splintering’ issue alone unless someone commented on it, but after reading today’s update from Burlington I couldn’t resist!

From the entry reporting on Don Harvey’s “Charge” to the Network, I quote,

“Clarification on WO: To be clear, women have same status as men in the churches of the Network. We will respect differences of opinion.” (Emphasis emphatically mine!)


For a group that claims in every second sentence to be biblically-based, biblically-grounded, and biblically-founded, this must be quite a shock.

On the issue of the ordination of women, biblical disagreement is a matter of opinion, whereas on the issue of accepting homosexuality, it is a matter of schism.

Wow! At the very moment this new group asserts its identity, its ‘leader’ highlights the very reason why their claim to be biblically-grounded is meaningless. As with every bible-fundamentalist group, their claim to the absolute authority of Scripture only applies to the parts of Scripture which already reflect their point of view!

Sorry Don, it’s all or nothing at all.

Don’t worry folks, this will not be the end to the ‘concessions’ Network churches will have to make in order to remain in ‘communion’ with one another...

Oh the irony...

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